Explorers  | 1 year olds

We believe that you’re never too young to know God! Our team are passionate about helping little ones experience His love as they sing, play, care for and talk to them about Jesus.

Adventurers |  2 – 3 year olds

Early childhood is an amazing time to build a powerful foundation!  Our incredible team use stories, games, songs, crafts and other creative ways to teach the kids about God and His love for them. The children also get to engage in activities that help them to be creative and to discover their uniqueness.

Trailblazers | 4 – 5 year olds

Our pre-school kids have their own space to connect, play and learn about the love of God and His good plans for their lives. We have age-appropriate teaching and activities that engage young hearts and imaginations. We make lots of time for special worship moments and lots of fun together too!

Brave | Kindergarten to Grade 5

School kids rock! Our high-energy program is packed full of fun games, praise and worship, interactive lessons and activities to teach the kids the Word of God and to help them discover that a life with Jesus will be exciting and powerful. We also create ways that the kids can serve in Brave and grow in their giftings.

Parent’s Rooms

At Horizon Church, we have multiple areas for parents with babies, one especially for breastfeeding Mums. There is a specially designed parent’s rooms fitted with couches, change table, microwave and toys to help make caring for your little one as comfortable as possible. There are also couches and a play area in our foyer if you prefer this option. Each of these areas have a screen with a live feed of the service, so you don’t have to miss out on what’s happening in church.

New To Horizon?

We love meeting new families and having kids join our Children’s Ministry. We have a welcome desk upstairs as you enter the Horizon Church building with a friendly team that can help you to register your child. If you are just visiting, you can use a VIP pass that ensures our leaders take extra special care to help your child become comfortable in our program. If you’d like to enrol your child, our team at the welcome desk will assist you to fill out some forms, and help you to become familiar with our registration and security system.

Our Leaders

We have an incredible team of leaders who are dedicated to safely caring for our children. Every Horizon Church children’s worker has obtained their Working with Children Check,processed by the NSW Government, and are carefully selected by the Pastors of our church. For every program, we ensure that there is two or more leaders with the children at all times. No leader is ever alone with a child. We are committed to the highest standard of safety.

The Horizon Kids team wear blue t-shirts and name lanyards so you can identify them around the church. Please feel free to approach one of our amazing leaders if you need assistance or have questions about our Children’s Ministry.

Child Protection

Horizon Church belongs to the Australian Christian Churches in NSW and therefore operates all its children’s activities in accordance with the NSW ACC Child Safe & Friendly Policy. If you would like a copy, please ask our friendly team at the Horizon Kids welcome desk upstairs. We require all of our leaders to agree to follow the ACC- NSW Code of Conduct for Church Leaders and theACC-NSW Safe Environment Procedures. We also commit to provide adequate training and support for all our workers to ensure they are equipped to take appropriate action in all circumstances. For more information visit our Safer Churches page.

We are available to help you with any questions you might have about our kids program.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance.



Mums & Bubs meets fortnightly to provide mums with young children with a space to connect and build relationships during this unique season of life.  Meeting at baby-friendly venues around the Shire.  For information about our next gathering please contact the Horizon Church reception on 9521 2933 or email [email protected]