Community and Missions

Horizon church is deeply committed to the message of Jesus Christ and the upward lift of the gospel reaching every part of the earth. We are involved in many local and global initiatives that endeavour to see many blessed and released into their God-given potential.


Local Organisations & Service
Horizon Church is vitally involved in the local community. We provide local high school chaplaincy, have been involved in practical service for local not-for-profit organisations by providing labour to renovate and refresh their facilities (eg. Sylvanvale Disability ServicesPCYC, Kirinari Indigenous Youth Hostel and nursing homes) and we run a crisis and support meals service called Meals for Mums.

Horizon Kids hosts an annual program called Heroes Academy which is an activities based day that builds confidence and resilience and raises potential in school kids from the Sutherland Shire community.  It is open to all primary school aged children and is an incredible day of fun!

Every Friday literally hundreds of youth are raised in their God-given potential, trained in a variety of skills (music, public speaking, leadership, life skills and resilience) and developed in a Christ-centred values based activities program that strengthens them as young people.

Gift Giving Service
One of our favourite events every Christmas is our Gift Giving Service.  On this special morning everyone brings a gift to be given to those who may otherwise go without at Christmas.  The gifts are received under our huge Christmas tree during the service and are then distributed to local organisations within the Shire and beyond to bless others at Christmas.  To date, thousands of gifts have been given to refugee families, women and their children in local refuges and the Sutherland Hospital.

Surfing Community
Christian Surfers is an organisation that provides a Christian presence and witness in the Australian surf community.  Horizon Church provides support to one of our own in Dave Lovell who is the Regional Coordinator for Christian Surfers Central NSW, which runs from Nelson Bay to Cronulla.  Christian Surfers run camps, day trips, surf comps, Bible studies and provide the surfing community with positive and encouraging role models to look up to.

Rural Communities
Horizon Church is passionate about rural communities. We support the work of Jim Peters who provides ministries of support and hope to the country churches of NSW. Jim has a worship music career, having received Christian Musical Awards in Australia and international recognition for his music. He travels to regional Australia ministering to pastors, churches and the Australian indigenous community.


Further Abroad

Horizon Church, as a church within the Australian Christian Churches, supports the aid, development, relief and missions work of ACCIM / ACCIR. Our Horizon Church Executive Pastor Kristy Mills currently represents on the ACCIR Board.

ACCIR is an ACFID member and seeks to implement best practice in relation to the rights of children. Horizon Church strongly aligns with the approach taken by ACCIR and seeks to work with organisations who operate according to best practice in relation to ethical volunteering and the rights of children.

This year Horizon Church worship leaders and a youth pastor were sent to minister to the field workers who gathered at Pan Asia Conference, all of whom are involved in aid, development, relief and missions across the continents.

Papua New Guinea
This year Horizon Church has been involved in ministry to the women of our closest neighbours, PNG. A team of twelve female pastors and leaders ministered to hundreds of women, bringing healing, building resilience, equipping them for leadership and encouraging them in their God-given potential.

Rote Island is an island of Indonesia and lies 500km north west of Australia.  The Thistlewaite family (Matt, Nat and their children) spend regular extended periods away from Sydney, living amongst the poverty and isolation of Rote Island.  They are working with the locals, training and employing them in tourism initiatives and providing them with sustainable sources of income including a noodle making machine sponsored by Sanitarium.

Short Term Treks
Every year Horizon Church provides the opportunity for people to experience the world of missions for themselves through our short term missions treks. We have sent teams to serve in such places as rural Australia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and PNG. To find out more or to register your expression of interest for one of our upcoming trips, please conact us or enquire at the Information Desk on weekends.