Christ-centred, Word-based, Spirit-led Learning & Leadership Development

Horizon Leadership College (HZLC) offers quality tertiary Christian study and leadership development in the context of a leading church. We offer a fully accredited Diploma of Leadership program with flexible learning options to suit your lifestyle.

Develop your leadership skills that will impact every sphere of your life as you learn to inspire, motivate and empower teams through tailored course-work and hands-on practical experience. The Diploma of Leadership provides training which is immediately applicable in ministry contexts and beyond. You will expand your theological knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible through the insightful class content and will develop study skills that will last a lifetime.

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Practical Internship: Begins Tuesday, 9th February

Full-Time Diploma: Begins Tuesday, 9th February

Night College Classes: Begins Monday 1st March & Tuesday, 2nd March



Introduction to Leadership (Night College – Monday)
Christian World View (Night College – Tuesday)
Introduction To Israels Scriptures
Practical Experience

Horizon Leadership College Delivery and Practical Options

We offer three modes of study giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. The Full-Time Diploma of Leadership has a study load requiring approximately 40hours per week to complete all coursework, required readings and assessments. Our Practical Internship is a Tuesday and Sunday commitment and involves a leadership development session each Tuesday followed by practical experience in one of our ministry departments. Our Night College provides the opportunity for you to complete a Diploma of Leadership one subject at a time or to join the classes as an Audit Student which requires no additional work beyond the class time. College students will also have the opportunity to join many of our Horizon Church Staff Meetings. 

1. Diploma of Leadership*

The opportunity to complete a Diploma of Leadership accredited by Alphacrucis College, while gaining experience in world-class ministry environment.  The course load is eight subjects across one year.

*FEE Help Supported

 2. Practical Internship
(Tuesday and Sundays)

An exciting opportunity to develop ministry experience in one of the thriving Horizon Church ministry departments. Practical internships give you the opportunity to work closely with our leaders behind-the-screens to build the Church.

3. Night College
(Monday &/Or Tuesdays, 7pm -9pm)

If you need a flexible learning option, Night College allows you to study one accredited Alphacrucis Diploma of Leadership subject per Semester. You have the option to enrol as a Fee Help Supported student or you can  audit a subject without seeking accreditation. 

*FEE Help Supported

The Diploma of Leadership is a tertiary qualification accredited by Alphacrucis College. This program may be counted toward (articulated) into a Bachelors Degree for students who may wish to continue their studies after completing this short course.

Fees and FEE Help

All  accredited Diploma of Leadership course subjects incur tertiary education fees. 

For more details about fees please see the Alphacrucis Fee Schedule

The Diploma of Leadership qualifies for FEE Help Loan Funding. Many students are eligible for this funding, so please visit the Australian Study Assist website to find out if you are eligibility for FEE Help. 

  1. Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance are available for this course. To check your eligibility and to find out more information, please visit the Study Assist website.

If you choose to audit a subject through our Night College, you are able to attend the classes, however, you will not receive any accreditation for your participation.

Night College:
Accredited through Alphacrusis – please see above for fee details.
Night College Audit Fee: $250 per subject


Practical Internship:
Practical Internship Fee: $500 per annum

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